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Wait, Who are you again?

Tabula Rasa

Science ~ PSYCHOLOGY ~ (Latin: "scraped tablet" or "clean slate") It is the idea that the human mind is born "blank" and that every thing we know comes from gradual experience. Aristotle first wrote of this idea in his thesis On the Soul (De Anima). St. Thomas Aquinas revived the idea in the 13th century. John Locke also wrote about it in the 17th century and coined the current term for the idea.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ An amnesia-causing virus sweeps the city. Because it is a mutated version of Kirsan Fever (A common childhood illness in the Pegasus), Teyla and Ronon were not affected. Through repeated remindings, Teyla and Ronon are able to find the cure and distribute it through the city (406 - Tabula Rasa).

Poor Talia, her husband had a scorching case of the worms and now he’s dead

Talia / Thalia

Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Thalia is one of the nine Muses and represents Comedy and Pastoral Poetry (Talia is the Spanish spelling; it is also a Jewish name meaning "Dew"). Thalia is also the name of one of the three Graces or Charities. Her name has been translated as "Festivi" and "Good Cheer" (according to Encyclopedia Mythica); or is possibly from the Greek word thallein meaning "to blossom." She is often depicted holding a shepherd’s crook and a comic mask. She presides over the rural pursuits.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ A native of Nasya; her husband was the last host for Jolinar of Malkshur before she bonded with Capt. Carter. Talia had noticed a scar on his neck months earlier. The scar had since disappeared and she noticed no behavioral changes (202 – In the Line of Duty).

Jaffa Vengeance is Pointy


History ~ ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA ~ (Latin lex taliionis, "law of retribution") The concept of Talion originates with the Code of Hammurabi (See Akkad), which is basically "an eye for an eye." This idea was repeated later in the Christian Bible (Genesis 9:6 and Exodus 21:23–27). The Code of Hammurabi was one of the first sets of laws to be written down. Hammurabi reigned in the First Dynasty of Babylon c. 1792 BC. Learn More: Encyclopaedia of the Orient: Hammurabi and Washington State University: The Translated Code.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ A terrorist attack at a Jaffa summit on Dar Eshkalon leaves many dead. Teal'c and Bra'tac, amongst others, had met there to decide the Jaffa's stance on the Ori threat. Teal’c believes that Arkad, a dishonorable Jaffa who now follows Origin, is responsible. Teal’c finds him and exacts revenge (1017 – Talion).

Talus Keller removing the parasite in the Shrine of Talus


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Roman/Latin: Talus; this name may have originated from the old Cretan word for "Sun," hence Zeus’ Cretan title Zeus Tallaios) Talos was a giant made of bronze who lived on Crete. He is sometimes depicted with wings, but this is simply to represent how fast he was. He was either a gift from Hephaestus (Smith-God) to King Minos or a gift from Zeus to Europa (a Phoenician princess and mother of Minos). (Another story says that he "was the last of a generation of men of bronze, sprung from the ash-trees (qtd. C. Parada, GML)." He patrolled the island three times a day and threw rocks at any ship that passed the island. Once, the Sardinians tried to invade the island. Talos sat in a fire until he glowed red-hot, and then embraced the Sardinians in a fiery hug. His only weakness was a single vein that ran from his neck to his ankle. At his ankle, there was a bronze nail/plug. A mixture of iron and ichor (the substance that made Gods immortal and could immediately kill mortals) ran through Talos’ veins. The Argonauts tried to stop in Crete to replenish their supplies on their way home from obtaining the Golden Fleece. He died when Medea (Princess of Colchis, Priestess of Hecate, and sorceress) enchanted him, drove him mad, or simply made him trip; either way she removed the plug from his ankle and he bled to death. Talos appears in The Argonautica (IV, 1638-93) and Bibliotheke (I, 26).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ He is co-leader, with Cetus, of the Asurans who capture the city from Helia and her crew of Ancients. After Sheppard and his team attack, they locate O’Neill and Woolsey via the radio signal. They dismantle their ship to repair Atlantis. He probes O'Neill's mind. He is "killed" when the team rigs Atlantis’ shield emitters to act as an Anti Replicator Weapon (310/311 - The Return). After Rodney is infected with a parasite that causes "“Second Childhood," a disease comparable to Alzheimer's, Ronan tells the team of the Shrine on the planet of Talus. The Shrine emits ionized radiation, for an unknown reason, which temporarily suppresses the parasite. The radiation causes the parasite to shrink in order to protect itself form it, however, after about a day, the radiation also makes the person nauseous and they leave the Shrine. Once outside, the parasite returns to full size and kills the person (506 - The Shrine).



Myth ~ ANCIENT CARTHAGE and ANCIENT EGYPT ~ This is the Greek name for Tanith. It is also the Greek name for the Hyksos capital of Zoan (Egyptian: El-Hagar). Learn more: TourEgypt: Tanis.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Tanis Reynard, a Hebridan, is the "first officer" of the Sebrus. In a shoot out with Warrick, a Serrakin and the real captain of the Sebrus, she is wounded. Jonas takes her back to the SGC for medical treatment. While she is there, she tried to hack into the Stargate Cartouche database. She also pumps Jonas for information regarding how the Stargate works, while putting the moves on him (618 – Forsaken).

Tanith:  He’s just pretending to be your friend, but when you’re not looking, he’ll push you down a flight of stairs and steal your lunch money!


Myth ~ ANCIENT CARTHAGE (Modern Tunis, Tunisia) ~ (Translation: "Serpent Lady") Also called Tanit, Tinnit, Tint, Tinith, Tanit Pene Baal (Translation: "Face of Baal"), and Tanis (by the Greek). Titles include: "Lady of Carthage." The Romans identified her with Juno Caelestis (A form of the Greek Goddess, Hera). She was the Phoenician (Modern Lebanon, with parts of Syria and Israel) Moon and Fertility Goddess of Carthage. She and husband, Baal-Hammon (Translation: "The Glowing Baal") (who the Greeks compared to Cronus), were the supreme deities of Carthage, although she was more popular than her husband. Her cult started in the 5th century BC. "In the worship of Tanit and Baal-Hammon, children, probably firstborn, were sacrificed. Ample evidence of the practice has been found west of Carthage in the precinct of Tanit, where a tofet (a sanctuary for the sacrifice of children) was discovered (Encyclopedia Britannica)." The sacrifices were thought to have lasted from the 8th century BC to the Roman destruction of the city in 146 BC. Her symbols are doves, palm tree, grapes, and crescent moon. She was also worshiped in Spain and on the islands of Malta and Sardinia.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Tanith is the symbiote (larval Goa’uld) of Shan’auc, a Jaffa priestess and an old love of Teal’c’s. Shan’auc, while in the deepest state of kelno’reem, was able to communicate with Tanith, and convinced him that the ways of the Goa’uld were evil. Tanith was then implanted in Hebron of Paravel, who volunteered to be a Tok-ra host. It turns out that Tanith is still evil and will be used to send disinformation to the System Lords (404 – Crossroads). The Tok-ra were using him to pass on misinformation to Apophis. Since the Tok-ra were planning to leave Vorash for a more secure home base, Tanith was no longer needed. The Tok-ra High Council deemed that he be removed from his host and left behind. However, he escaped from the Tok-ra base to Apophis’ mother ship with the captured Teal’c (422 – Exodus). It is revealed that Tanith escaped Apophis’ ship long before it was destroyed in the uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere of Delmak. Under the orders of a “nameless” master, Tanith used his new shield technology (which renders their ion cannons useless) to get the Curia to build bombs using the Tollan phase shift technology (509 – Between Two Fires). He was most likely killed when Teal’c blows up his mother ship on P3X-116 (514 – 48 Hours).

The projection of elements from the Codex


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Tantalus was the King of Lydia and son of Zeus. With his wife Dione, a goddess and daughter of Atlas, Tantalus was the father of Pelops, Niobe (Mother of the Niobids), and Broteas (Who didn’t do anything important). He was the favorite mortal of the Gods. He wanted to test the omniscience of the Gods, so he boiled his son, Pelops, and served him to the Gods at a banquet. The Gods realized what he had done and restored Pelops’ life. They punished Tantalus by tying him to a tree and striking him with tormenting hunger and thirst. The tree was laden with every type of fruit and there was a pool of water below him, but both were kept just out of reach. Learn More: Tantalus - Wikipedia.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Ernest, Catherine’s (Catherine Langford, her father unearthed the Stargate) first love, was doing experiments on the Stargate in 1945. He was trapped on an abandoned planet (P3X-972, reclassified as PB2-908 in The Fifth Race (215)) with a plethora of wisdom he couldn’t share with anyone for 52 years [See Codex and Heliopolis] (110 – The Torment of Tantalus).

The Planet Taranis Taranis-saurus Wrecks!


Myth ~ ANCIENT CELTS (Gaul and Britain) ~ (From Proto-Celtic Toranos: tarnach or taran "Thunder;" Also called Taranaich) Worshiped by the Scots, Picts, and Gaels, he was the God of Thunder and Lightning. Taranaich was also the name of a Pictish king and may possibly have a basis in history which evolved into the mythical diety (Similar to Hercules probably evolving from a real chieftain-vassal of Argos). His symbols are the trident and the spoked wheel, which represents the electric light of the thunderbolt. Lucan (the Roman poet) mentioned him and his sacrificial offerings in Pharsalia. Compared to Roman Jupiter, Greek Zeus, and Norse Thor (although he was not as important as these gods). He was also compared to Ambisagrus (Gaulish God of Thunder and Lightning), Tarhun (Hittite God), and Teshub (Hurrian God of Sky and Storm). Romans also compared him to Dis Pater, a God of the Dead.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Located in the Pegasus Galaxy, the Ancients originally settled the planet Taranis. They used the dormant super-volcano to power their outpost. The current Taranians started using the technology, namely a shield, to protect themselves from the Wraith. However, the Ancients designed it to be used only occasionally, because continual, full-strength use could draw energy from the volcano, causing it to erupt. SGA evacuated the Taranians partially by Gate and partially with the Orion before the super-volcano erupted. The eruption was an extinction-level, and in exchange for help in evacuation, Chancellor Lycus agreed to let Atlantis use the Orion (219 – Inferno).

Beware the fiery-depths of Tartarus! Arg!


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Born form Chaos; he is both a personification of the deepest level of the Underworld and the place itself. Along with Chaos, Gaia (Earth), and Eros (Love), it is one of the first entities to exist in the universe. With Gaia, he is the father of Typhon. Tartarus was so dark, gloomy, and sunless, that its murkiness had its own personification, Erebus. Tartarus became a prison for the Titans. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, Tartarus was as far away from the earth as was heaven. He said that if a bronze anvil fell from heaven, it would take nine days and nights to reach Earth, the same amount of time that it would take to reach Tartarus if it were dropped from Earth. In the center of a three-fold layer of darkness and surrounded by a wall of bronze was Tartarus. And as if that wasn’t enough to keep the prisoners in, the Hecatoncheires (["Hundred-Handed"] Giants with fifty-heads and 100 strong arms) were the guards. After Zeus defeats Typhon, he imprisons him in Tartarus. In later myths, it is compared to the Christian Hell, and becomes a place where sinners are punished.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ This is the home world of the Kull Warriors (See Evil Dead), or rather the location of Anubis’ base where the Kull were created. Thoth, a Priest/Scientist of Anubis, runs the base and is the creator of the Kull. A powerful sensor array prevents anyone from approaching the planet unnoticed. The Stargate is inside the main structure and is protected by a powerful force field. Many deep, flaming gorges cover the surface of the planet (712 – Evolution).

El Castillo

Temple of Inscriptions

Geography/History ~ ANCIENT MESOAMERICA (Modern Mexico) ~ The Temple of Inscriptions is one of the pyramids at Palenque, one of the ancient cities of the Mayans. Located in the Usumacinta Valley, in Chiapas, Southern Mexico (near the Chiapas Mountains). The Temple of the Inscriptions is one of the most famous and best-preserved of the Mayan temples. It is named so, for its hieroglyphic tablets. In 1952, the tomb of Pakal the Great, (reign 603–83 AD) was uncovered within the pyramid, proving that Mayan pyramids served as funerary structures and temple platforms. Pakal was also revered as a Sun God. It is the central figure on Pakal’s sarcophagus lid that has sparked a debate on "ancient astronauts." To learn about the archaeological excavation project there, go to Mesoweb: Palenque. To learn more about the Temple of Inscriptions, go to Sacred Sites. And last, but not least, learn about Pakal the "Spaceman" at Maya Astronaut: Introduction.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Hathor was in suspended animation for almost 2000 years when she was found in a sarcophagus, in the Temple of Inscriptions, located in Palenque. (Note: The picture to the left is actually El Castillo, which is located at Chichén-Itzá on the Yucatán Peninsula) (113 – Hathor).

Daniel and the children of Orban excavating *child labor yay!!*

Teotihuacán (Pronounced: Tay-o tee wha kahn)

Geography ~ ANCIENT MESOAMERICA ~ In Nahuatl (pronounced: Naut Al wadel) (language of the Aztecs), it translates to "The City of the Gods." It is the most important and largest city of Pre-Aztec origin and its prime was c.500 AD. It is 25 miles northeast of Mexico City and the location of the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Ciudadela ("Citadel"), and the Avenue of the Dead. Originally thought to be attributed to the Toltec (Tollan) culture, but now thought to date at least to 100 BC. About 750 AD, the city was burnt, possibly because the calendar cycle was at an end (See Quetzalcoatl). The Aztecs believed that the Gods met there to create the fifth world, which is the present world (the Aztecs believed that there were four previous worlds, which each were destroyed by various catastrophes). See pictures here: Teotihuacan, A Photo Gallery.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Because of the mosaic and other archaeological finds he discovered there, Daniel suggests that the people of Orban were descendants of the people of Teotihuacán, who are pre-Aztec. Daniel says "it flourished for centuries as a religious and economic mecca before suffering a great upheaval in 750 AD, which may have been caused by the Goa’uld" (305 – Learning Curve).

Jonas studies Thanos’ crystal

Thanos / Thanatos

Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (From Greek: thanatos "death") He is the Personification of Death and the twin brother of Hypnos ("Sleep"). He is also the brother of Moros, Æther (Pure Air or Ozone), Hemera (Day), Charon (the Ferryman of the Underworld), and Geras (Old Age). His parents are Nyx (Nox) and Erebus. He is regularly portrayed as a winged boy carrying a wreath in one hand and an inverted torch in the other. Thanatos was occasionally shown on funerary vases and was featured in the Iliad, however he and his twin-brother were not very popular in the cults of religion. Thanos (whose name is derived from Thanatos), the Mad Titan, is a character from Marvel Comics. Learn More: Thanatos, Greek Mythology Link and Marvel Directory: Thanos.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Goa’uld Thanos once ruled the planet Langara (P2S-4C3), home to the continents of Kelowna, Terrania, and the Andari Federation. Recently, Jonas unearthed and has been analyzing a data crystal left behind by Thanos. They learned that Naquadria was not an original element to Langara. They found evidence that the Goa’uld discovered a process to change regular Naquadah to Naquadria while still in the ground. When Thanos enacted the process on Langara, it caused a chain reaction, which is ongoing. Approximately 3000 years ago, he was experimenting on the Naquadria, which caused a massive explosion nearly destroying the planet. It is thought that he created a small amount of Naquadria in a lab, when he had an accident. The resulting explosion released the sub-atomic particles, which catalyzed the conversion of the first vein of Naquadah. When the Kelownans set off the Naquadria bomb, it started the conversion of the second deeper vein. He was presumably killed in the Naquadria explosion 3000 years ago (714 – Fallout).

Thera/Sam: You'd have amnesia too, if you were attacked by a flow-bee


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Modern Greek: Thíra; Now called: Santoríni) It is the southernmost island of the Cyclades group of Greece, in the Aegean Sea. It is the remaining eastern half of an exploded volcano. In ancient times, it was known as Calliste ("Most Beautiful") and had been inhabited since before 2000 BC. In 1628 BC, one of the largest volcanic eruptions occurred. The force of this explosion was equivalent to the detonation of about 150 Hydrogen Bombs. An 800-foot tidal wave went 30-miles inland, on the surrounding mainlands. This eruption was recorded all over the world. In Egypt, the royal scribes recorded nine days of darkness caused by a dense cloud of ash. The scribes in China also recorded the cloud of ash. It was also recorded in nature. In the bristle cone trees in California, US, the tree-ring formations are dramatically smaller in the 1620s BC suggesting a period of darkness. In the 1980s AD, scientists took core samples from the icecap on Greenland and found a layer of ash in the layers following 1628 BC. In 1967, the Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos found the remains of a city preserved by the volcanic ash on Thera. It is a Minoan city that has large, well-built, multistory houses, which hold a number of the best Minoan frescoes discovered in the Mediterranean. The frescoes are found in every room and depict the people of Thera, swallows, antelopes, and monkeys to name a few. The city also has fountains, plumbing (with hot and cold water), flush toilets and bathtubs. The explosion of Thera inspired the story of Atlantis and parts of the Old Testament book of Exodus. Learn more: Pictures of the Island: Akrotiri on Thera, Frescoes from the University of Texas’ Archaeology Web page: Woman Gathering Saffron, A Flotilla of Ships, A Fresco of the City. An Aerial view: ASTER Image Gallery: Santorini, Greece.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ This is the personality that was imprinted on Sam when SG-1 was kidnapped by Administrator Calder, an inhabitant of the planet P3R-118 to prevent SG-1 from reporting back to General Hammond about the enslaved people working in the underground mines. Calder told the SGC that SG-1 had perished on the planet’s icy surface. See also Carlin and Tor (410 – Beneath The Surface).

Todd the Wraith and McKay, teamwork Fran (FRAn: Friendly Replicator ANdroid) taking out the Asurans

This Mortal Coil / Be All My Sins Remember’d

Literature ~ ENGLAND ~ From Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 1 soliloquy: To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub; / For in that sleep of death what dreams may come / When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, / Must give us pause: there's the respect / That makes calamity of so long life; / ... Soft you now! / The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons [prayers] / Be all my sins remember'd. In Shakespeare’s time, the word "coil" was used to refer to the troubles/strife of daily life and mortal suffering. Coil originally meant "to cull" or "to thrash" as well as "to stir" and "a spiral." It also meant, "noisy disturbance, fuss, ado." Modernly, "to leave this mortal coil," means, "to die." Hamlet’s line, "Be all my sins remember'd;" he is asking Ophelia to pray for him.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ In these two episodes, a group of renegade Asurans create duplicates of Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, and Dr. Weir in order to learn how to Ascend. Meanwhile, the rest of the Asurans are killing off entire planets of humans in their war against the Wraith. Later, SGA and the Wraith join forces to stop the Asurans (410/411 - This Mortal Coil / Be All My Sins Remember’d).

Thetys, holding baby Dan’el and her husband, Alekos

Thetys / Thetis

Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ She is one of the Nereids (commonly known as sea-nymphs), and the daughter of Nereus and Doris (A Sea Goddess; daughter of Oceanus [Vast Ocean] and Tethys [Fertile Ocean]). As usual, Zeus (in his immortal pimp-style) wanted to get with her, however she knew better. The goddess Themis (Oracle; Personification of Divine Order/Law; mother of the Horæ [Hours] and the Moiræ [Fates]) prophesied that Thetys would bear a son that would be greater than his father. Zeus (fearing this son would oust him as he had ousted his father, Cronus) gave Thetys in marriage to the mortal Peleus (King of Aegina; one of the Argonauts). By Peleus, she bore a son, Achilles. Thetys is most well known for the story in which she tires to make her son immortal. In the most common version, she took baby Achilles to the River Styx. She held him by the ankle and dipped him in the water. Where the water touched him, he became impervious. However, where she held him, he stayed dry and vulnerable; thus the “Achilles’ Tendon” (Achilles died in the Trojan War, when he was stabbed in the ankle).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Thetys, who is 21 days old, is a native of the planet Argos (P3X-8596) along with Kynthia. She and her husband, Alekos, go to the gate temple to implore Pellops to help her give birth. Instead, it’s SG-1 who helps them. In honor of this, they name their son Dan’el (108 – Brief Candle).

The holographic Thor Help me, Jack, you're my only hope! Veg-A-Matic


Myth ~ NORSE MYTHOLOGY ~ From the Old Norse, þórr, it translates as "Thunder." He is the god of Thunder, Storms, and Weather. The myth says that his hammer causes the thunder. He is the son of Odin and Fjorgyn (earth goddess). He is portrayed as a massive, strong man with a red beard. His eyes are said to be the lighting. He protects both humans and gods from evil. His equivalents are the Teutonic god Donar and the Roman god Jupiter. Thursday is named after him. He lives in Thrudvang or Thrudhvang ("Field of Power"); this is also where his palace, Bilskirnir, is located.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Asgard use a holographic projection of "Thor" to represent themselves until the people they protect (the people of Cimmeria) have evolved enough to understand (109 – Thor’s Hammer, 206 – Thor’s Chariot). The Asgard named Thor is the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet and commander of the Bilskirnir. He was also the mediator during the peace treaty between the Tau’ri (also Tar-re, otherwise known as Humans and/or planet Earth) and the Goa’uld (303 – Fair Game). Thor was injured during the battle with the Replicators (322 – Nemesis). Maj. Carterand Thor were able to stop the Replicators by taunting them with the Asgard’s new fancy ship, the “O’Neill” (It was made out of a naquadah, trinium, and carbon alloy). When the Asgard ships that were infected with the Replicators started to chase the "O’Neill," Sam and Thor blew it up, thus destroying all the Replicator-infected ships (401 – Small Victories). Thor tries to deter Osiris from discovering Heimdall’s laboratory. However, Osiris’ shields prove too powerful and Thor is taken captive. Anubis implants a device into Thor’s brain to download his knowledge. The attempt by the Asgard to remove the device has left him in a coma (522 – Revelations). Thor’s consciousness was uploaded into Anubis’ ship’s computer. Thor was able to control the entire ship, setting the self-destruct, getting the entire crew to abandon ship (except for the Ninjas), and setting a course to Earth (603 – Descent). His conscience has been successfully been downloaded into a freshly cloned body. He and the Asgard monitor all the interstellar traffic around Earth. He asks SG-1 to help with the Replicator problem on Halla and tows the Prometheus to the planet (611 – Prometheus, 612 – Unnatural Selection). He arrives just in time to save Teal’c and Carter from the black hole on his new ship, the Daniel Jackson. The Asgard made the sun around Halla collapse in an effort to kill the Replicators. He pimps a larger version of the Disruptor Gun that O’Neill makes and is able to save Orilla from the Replicators (801/802 – New Order). Thor and Carter come up with another weapon to defeat the Replicators only to see them immediately adapt and become immune to its effects (816/817 – Reckoning). Thor says the humans have earned his respect and friendship, and are the Fifth Race. He offers their Repository of Knowledge to the SGC, and has it installed in the Odyssey. He says that the Repository is designed to have an interface of a holographic representation any Asgard on record. Due to their incurable degeneration disease, he dies in the mass suicide of the Asgard explosion of Orilla (1020 – Unending).

Thoth, Anubis’ scientist


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ (Translation: "Leader") Also called Djehuti, Djehuty, Tehuti, Tahuti; Thoth is a mistake in the Greek translation of "Tahuti." The Greeks also called him Trismegistus (Greek for "Trice-Great"). He was self-created at the beginning of time, with his wife Ma’at (Goddess of Truth and Order), other times he was created by Ra. In some stories his wife was said to be Seshet (Patroness of Libraries and Archives). His center of worship was mostly in Khemenu (Hermopolis) although he was worshiped through out Egypt. He was the Scribe of the Gods. He is also the god of healing, counting, the moon, writing, and wisdom. He is said to have invented numbers, the measurement of time, and the writing system. He is said to have written the Book of the Dead. He is often shown in Last Judgment (Weighing of the Heart) scenes. He was also a magician because he knew the secrets of healing. Because of his great wisdom he was also very honest. He is usually shown as a man with the head of an ibis (A sacred Egyptian bird, similar to a heron) and at times he carried a pen, scrolls, and a medicine bottle. He is sometimes shown as a baboon. Compared to Hermes by the Greeks.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Thoth, a Goa’uld and Priest/Scientist of Anubis, runs the base on Tartarus. He is in charge of the Kull Warriors’ (See Evil Dead) genetic engineering and maintenance. He has been unable to find a fatal flaw in the genetic makeup of the Kulls’ symbiote. He is killed by SG-1, while investigating malfunctioning remote probe (712 – Evolution).

The Eye of Tiamat

Tiamat (Eye of)

Myth ~ ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (modern Iraq) ~ (translation: "Sea") Tiamat is the serpent of the ocean of chaos. Tiamat is a more "modern" name for the goddess Omoroca.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Eye of Tiamat was found in the Ziggurat on planet P2X-338. It is a considerable sized jewel encased in an amulet that gave Marduk great powers (508 – The Tomb).

The Tollan The End?


Myth ~ ANCIENT MESOAMERICA ~ Tollan is a reference is to Toltec civilization. The Toltec (translation: "the artificers") or "People from Tollan" were pre-Aztec and lived in an enigmatical land called "Tamoanchan," which was a paradise occupied by the Gods and the forefathers of humans. It is said that the Toltec conquered other Mesoamerican "city-states" through knowledge rather violence. The name "Tollan" translates to "the place where people are as common as reeds" or "place of the reeds" and is thought to be the equivalent of the modern word "city." It is now thought to be an early postclassical site in the central highlands of Mexico in the state of Hidalgo (modern city of Tula de Allende). See Pictures at Tour By Mexico ® - Hidalgo / Tula de Allende. And learn more at Institute of Maya Studies, Miami.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ SG-1 rescues a group of highly technologically advanced survivors (called the Tollan) from the cataclysmic planet of Tollan. It is discovered that the Tollan shared their technology (a device that produces unlimited productive energy) with the planet Sarita (the closest planet to Tollan). The people on Sarita were on a parallel level of technology as Earth. They used the technology to wage war on themselves, which, in one day resulted in the planet’s destruction, thus causing an orbital shift, and ultimately destroying both planets. Samantha Carter brings a cat named Schrödinger to Narim, who is a member of the race. The Nox have agreed to help them relocate (116 – Enigma). The new planet of Tollana served as the site for the Triad of Skaara/Klorel in which Zipacna plotted to destroy the planet (See Vancouver) (315 – Pretense). The Tollan helped Col. O’Neill stop the men of Col. Maybourne from stealing alien technologies (318 – Shades of Grey). The Curia arranges to trade ion cannons to the SGC in exchange for trinium. It is later discovered that the ion cannons that protect Tollana from the Goa’uld mother-ships were now ineffective against Tanith’s new shield. Tanith attacked the planet, and it is not known if anyone has survived (509 – Between Two Fires).



Myth ~ ANCIENT NORSE ~ Tor is a variant spelling of Thor. ~ ARTHURIAN LEGEND (Wales, England, France) ~ Sir Tor was the first son of King Pellinore and the wife of the cowherd Aries le Vaysher. He is the half-brother of Sir Lamorak, Sir Aglovale, Sir Dornar, Sir Percival, and Dindrane. He was raised believing that he was the son of a cowherd. However, he desired to be a knight. When he came to Arthur’s court, Merlin revealed that he was the true son of Pellinore. He then became a Knight of the Round Table. His first deed after becoming a knight is to retrieve a stolen white brachet (hunting-hound) for a nameless lady. He dies aiding Lancelot save Guinevere from the stake.
Language ~ BRITAIN ~ Tor is a Celtic word, which means "conical hill."
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ This is the personality that was imprinted on Daniel when SG-1 was kidnapped by Administrator Calder, an inhabitant of the planet P3R-118 to prevent SG-1 from reporting back to General Hammond about the enslaved people working in the underground mines. Calder told the SGC that SG-1 had perished on the planet’s icy surface. See also Thera and Carlin (410 – Beneath The Surface). See Glastonbury Tor (901/902 – Avalon).



Science ~ LYDIA, ASIA MINOR ~ Also called Basanite or Lydian Stone. It is a hard, black stone used in testing the purity of gold or silver. Lydia was an ancient land in western Anatolia (modern Turkey), which extended east from the Aegean Sea and into the Cayster and Hermus river valleys. The people of Lydia are thought to be the originators of gold and silver coins.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The planet Madrona’s weather is controlled by the Touchstone, an alien device (214 – Touchstone).

The Tria, better late than never


Myth ~ ANCIENT ROME ~ Tria Fatae ("Three Fates") is another name for the Parcae, the Goddesses of Fate. Originally, there was only one, Parca, a Goddess of Birth. The three fates were Nona, Decima, and Morta. Their Greek counterparts were the Moirae/Moirai: Clotho (the spinner), Lachesis (the apportioner), and Atropos (the inevitable). They were also considered oracles because they knew the future. There were two versions of their parentage: Nox/Nyx or Jupiter/Zeus and Justitia/Themis. They are comparable to the Wyrd of the Anglo-Saxons and the Norns or Nornir of the Norse.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Captain Helia is the commander of the Tria, an Aurora class warship. McKay detects the ship traveling .999 the speed of light. There are 100 Ancients aboard. During a battle with the Wraith, they were overpowered and returned to Atlantis only to find that the city was already being evacuated. They were headed to Earth when their hyperdrive failed. The Althosians believe the return of the ship is foretold and signals a turn in the war against the Wraith (310 - The Return).

The Triad Lya, the neutral party


Language ~ ENGLISH ~ From the Greek word trias ("three"), a triad is a union or group of three; usually closely related persons or things. In Ancient Egypt, a Triad was a Group of three deities that were worshiped in any city. It usually consisted of 2 Gods and 1 Goddess; for example, the Abydossian Triad was Isis, Osiris, and Horus the Younger.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Triad is an ancient custom of the Tollan and is presided over by the Curia. It is a ceremony of justice that is comparable to a trial. During the Triad, the seekers (defendants) select archons (attorneys) for representation. Each of the archons cast a vote, but the triad is ultimately decided by a vote cast by a third neutral party. In this case, the third party was Lya, one of the Nox (315 – Pretense).

Rodney examining the semantics Collins goes to manually adjust Arcturus in the Command-Access Tube

Trinity Test / Manhattan Project

Science/History ~ WORLD WAR II ~ The Trinity Site was where the first Allied nuclear weapon was tested in July 1945. Trinity was the result of the Manhattan Project and ultametally led to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The part of the Manhattan Project that produced Trinity was at the top-secret Los Alamos laboratory located in New Mexico. It is thought that J. Robert Oppenheimer, the laboratory leader, came up with the code name from poems by John Donne. Oppenheimer wrote to General Leslie Groves explaining the code name choice saying, "...There is a poem of John Donne, written just before his death, which I know and love. From it a quotation: ‘As West and East / In all flatt Maps—and I am one—are on, / So death doth touch the Resurrection.‘ " ("Hymn to God My God, in My Sicknesses"). Oppenheimer continued, "That still does not make a Trinity, but in another, better known devotional poem Donne opens, ‘Batter my heart, three person’d God;— ‘ (qtd. Wikipedia: Trinity test)." Also, Harry K. Daghlian, a young physicist and Purdue graduate student, worked on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos. He was killed while "tickling the dragon’s tail," which is the nickname for the experiment to determine the critical mass of a plutonium bomb core. He accidentally dropped a tungsten carbide brick, which was used as a neutron reflector, onto a plutonium core. The tungsten carbide brick reduced the mass required for plutonium to become critical. However, the dropping of the brick caused the reaction to go supercritical and resulted in him becoming irradiated. The accident occurred on August 21, 1945 and he slowly (and painfully) died from radiation poisoning on September 15, 1945. Learn more: Harry K. Daghlian, John Donne. Hymn to God, My God, in my Sickness, John Donne. Holy Sonnet 14, Wikipedia: Trinity Test, and Wikipedia: Manhattan Project.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ The team comes across the planet Doranda in the Ancients’ database. When they arrive at the planet they find that Doranda was destroyed 10000 years ago, save one building. Once inside, they find an abandoned Ancient laboratory that contains a generator 25 times more powerful than a ZPM, referred to in the database as Project Arcturus. While trying to power up Arcturus, Collins is killed by a massive surge of radiation (206 – Trinity).

The Triton


Myth ~ GREECE ~ He is the son of Poseidon (God of the Sea) and Amphitrite (Queen of the Sea, a Nereid, and daughter of Oceanus and Tethys). He lives with his parents in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea. He is depicted as a man with the lower body of a fish/ sea-monster, and sometimes his arms are replaced with horse legs. The twisted conch shell he carries has the ability to stir up or calm the waves. He also helped the Argonauts escape the giants. He raised Athena and was called father of Triteia and Pallas. In later times, there were many Tritons. They too were hybrid sea creatures. Their bodies were covered with fine scales. They possessed both a human nose and gills, while their mouths were broad and filled with "beast’s teeth." Instead of legs, they possessed a dolphin-like tail. It was their job to attend to various sea divinities.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ A Hebridan ship under the command of Captain Shibo in the 59th Loop of Kon Garat. Disabling drones in the first stage of the race destroyed its shields (708 – Space Race).

Cassandra Pellops’ device from Argos

Trojan Horse

Myth/History ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ In the Odyssey, after 10 unsuccessful years of the siege of Troy, Odysseus ([Latin: Ulysses] King of Ithaca and son of Laertes, one of the Argonauts) proposes the Trojan Horse. This was a massive, hollow, wooden horse that was large enough to hold a battalion of Greek soldiers. At night, when the rest of the Greek army had retreated (leaving the Horse behind outside the Trojan walls), the people of Troy (thinking that it was a war trophy) bring the Horse into the city, and have a party. While the Trojans were hung over, the Greeks jump out (not literally, but you get the idea) of the Horse, and take control of the city.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Knowing that SG-1 will not kill a child and would take an orphan back to Earth, Nirty uses Cassandra as a Trojan horse by planting a bomb in her chest (114 – Singularity). During the training exercise, the new recruits theorize that the device found on Argos was a Trojan horse left there by Pellops (513 – Proving Ground).

Daniel’s computer


Myth ~ GREECE ~ Also called Typhaon or Typhoeus, he is the Youngest son of Gaia (Titan Goddess of the Earth) and Tartarus. He is the husband of Echidna (A monster that is half woman/half serpent) with whom he fathered the Nemean Lion (A huge Lion), Cerberus (the three-headed hound of Hades), Ladon, the Chimera (a monster with the head of a lion, the body of a she-goat, and the tail of a dragon), the Sphinx (a monster with a lion’s body, eagle’s wings, and a feminine head), and the Hydra (A many-headed (9) serpent). Usually depicted as a monster with one hundred dragonheads, he was the Personification of Volcanic Forces and Destructive Hot Winds. It was said that his eyes dripped venom and he spit lava and red-hot stones from his mouths. He also had huge scaly wings that could block the light from the sun. After Typhon attacked Mount Olympus, Zeus trapped him beneath Mount Etna (Aetna) (an explanation for the eruption of volcanoes). Compared to Seth of Egypt and Tiamat of Mesopotamia.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ While researching Seth, Daniel compares him to Typhon, saying, "After Set was supposedly killed in ancient Egypt along with all his minions, a similar god showed up in Greece called Typhon." Daniel then goes on to say how Seth then appeared in England around Stonehenge in the early 1800’s and then there is no mention of him after that (302 – Seth).



Myth ~ ANCIENT LEBANON ~ (Mod. Arabic Ṣūr, Hebrew Tzor, Akkadian, Ṣurru, Phoenician Ṣur, Latin Tyrus, Greek Týros) A Phoenician city located on a small, rocky island in the Mediterranean, known for its glass making and purple dye. It is located about 12 miles north of the modern border with Israel and about 20 miles south of Sidon (mod. Sayda). Herodotus claims it was founded about 2700 BC, although the first monumental references of it appear in 1500 BC. From 2000 BC to the Roman Era, Tyre was a major Phoenician seaport. It is mentioned in 14th century BC Egyptian records as being under Egyptian rule. Abi-Milku of Tyre wrote (in Cuneiform) the Amarna Letters numbered 146-155 to Pharaoh Akhenaten of Egypt. It is also mentioned in the Bible as being an ally of Israel. Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal "King of Tyre and Sidon." King Hiram of Tyre helped build Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem by supplying the building materials. Tyre was also the birthplace of two women from Greek mythology: Europa and Elissa. Europa was the daughter of Agenor and was seduced by Zeus in the form of a white bull. By Zeus, she was the mother of Minos (employer of Daedalus), Rhadamanthys (King of Crete and a Judge of the Underworld), and Sarpedon (King of the Lycians). Talos was her guard. Elissa, also known as Dido, was the Queen of Carthage. She was the daughter of King Belus of Sidon and spurned lover of Aeneas (survivor of Troy and founder of Roman culture). Colonists from Tyre founded Carthage in the 9th century BC. It was ruled by Assyria in the 8th and 7th centuries BC, although from 585-573 BC, Tyre resisted King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon’s extended siege. The Achaemenian Kings of Persia ruled it between 538 and 332 BC. In 332 BC, Alexander the Great attacked the city for seven months, finally conquering it. His army built a causeway to get to the island, thus turning it into a peninsula. Alexander had 10000 Tyrians killed and had an additional 30000 sold as slaves. After Alexander’s death, Ptolemy ruled Tyre along with Egypt. Seleucus later took it from Ptolemy. The Romans and the Muslims later ruled it. This spawned Crusades on the island and it was destroyed the Muslim Mamluks (slave soldiers) in 1291 AD.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Along with Ara and Rakai, Tyre is a Satedan that SGA meets on an unnamed planet while investigating rumors of Wraith-killers. Ronon and his fellow Satedans reminisce about their Wraith-killing. After Carter denies Ronon’s request for Tyre, Ara, and Rakai to come to Atlantis, he joins them on a raid of a mothership. During the fight, it is revealed that Tyre, Ara, and Rakai have teamed up with the Wraith, after the Wraith tortured them by draining and replenishing their life. Ronon battles them in traditional Satedan hand-to-hand combat and defeats them (403 - Reunion). He kidnaps Ronon and takes him to the planet Sarif Sur. Tyre has been forsaken by his Wraith Master and is experiencing the psychological and physiological withdrawal from the reverse-feeding process. He thinks if he turns Ronon over to the Wraith, he will regain their good favor. After going through a complete withdrawal at Atlantis, he leads the team to Ronon, and after a little deception, helps them escape. However, he suffers mortal wounds and stays behind to trigger the C4 and destroy the ship (503 - Broken Ties).

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